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Culture Carcass vs Topshop Podcast

A quick investigation into whether they’re charging too much at New York’s new Topshop store. The people I interviewed said they wouldn’t shop at Topshop if the prices went up, but I have a feeling that young women would buy this stuff even if it was even more expensive. There’s a winning formula here – rapid turnover and huge choice all under one roof. I’ll be really interested to see if it’s as big a hit in the US as it is here…

anyway, listen!

Public domain music by Smetana from Musopen



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Last night, I watched Channel 4’s The Sex Education Show Vs Porn, a tirade against internet naughtiness, which, apparently is corrupting our kids and making them all want to have boob jobs and vaginoplastys.

Presented by Anna Richardson, a slightly fearsome brunette with more than a touch of Xena about her, the show is the front-end of an investigative campaign to get children away from porn and increase knowledge about what is referred to as ‘real’ bodies and ‘real’ sex. So far, the main action of the campaign seems to have been driving around in a large lorry with a picture of a little girl looking at smutty videos in a sex shop splashed across the side. ‘THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. WHY DOES IT HAPPEN ONLINE?’ reads the catchline.

Oh, Ms Richardson. You mean well. Sex education in this country is obviously inadequate – we only need to refer back to The Sun‘s gleeful coverage of the Alfie Patten story to see how ignorant some kids are about sex, relationships and parenthood. Furthermore when Richardson confronts secondary school pupils about their attitudes to the opposite sex, it is clear that pornographic images (and general immaturity) do influence the sexual attitudes of young boys and girls (essentially via boys rather than through direct contact with the material), sometimes negatively.

However, the more the show carries on, the more apparent it is that the campaign is grossly ignorant of the issue in question, and the more everything resembles a bizarre, Brasseye-style spoof. Let’s start with the campaign poster. The girl in a porn shop – a powerful image, certainly, but one that derails the whole idea of the poster – how many pre-teen girls are you aware of that regularly come upon or search for porn on the internet? Exactly. Essentially it’s a phenomenon amongst men and teenage boys – a phenomenon that has only been examined with any kind of insight or understanding in Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake – which Anna Richardson could do with reading. I’m not saying it’s appropriate. I’m not saying it’s harmless. But I will say that, while little girls may be shocked and disgusted by porn they come across accidentally, it is the boys that hunt it down that develop negative attitudes towards sex. This much is obvious from the way the 16-year-olds talk. When asked why they get brazilian waxes, the girls say “because boys like it”, not ‘because I saw it in a porn movie.’

The poster is actually a minor point, it turns out, because there’s further overly sensational measures in the programme that mostly serve to illustrate how ignorant the creators are of the issues they are investigating. A laugh-out-loud moment comes when Richardson types ‘porn’ into google and sternly turns to the camera before saying “245 million hits”. She then is shocked to find she’s being taken to sites she ‘didn’t even click on’ (i.e. popups – use a blocker?) and nearly jumps out of her skin when a banner-ad disguised as a sexy instant message rises from the bottom of her screen. “Someone’s just sent me a message. A child could accidentally reply to that message!” – urm, no, Anna, they couldn’t, and a teenager would be wise enough not to bother with such obvious red herrings.

The show’s general message is a valuable one, and based in fact, but the whole thing struck me as over the top. Confronting schoolchildren with spotty boobs and stretch marks amply demonstrates that bodies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But surely the point should be that all these variations can also be attractive – a point that the sterile presentation of live naked models did not make. Telling kids that without surgery, no-one has perfect looking boobs is likely to produce the opposite effect to that intended. Plus, while airbrushed magazine covers, page 3 girls, hollywood movies and glossy American TV programmes still propogate these images of perfection (natural and enhance) that provide much of the visual stimulus in our day to day lives, the dogma that reality is imperfect comes across as false and pessimistic. Why settle with that when you can surf on over to Xtube [would it be hypocritical to link here?]?

See the Channel 4 Sexperience site here


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Some of you lucky dogs will already have seen this in, what d’you call it, real life, but I thought I’d share these press images anyway. It’s BRITNEY – like you’ve never seen her before! Well… exactly how you’ve seen her before, i.e. hotpants, epaulets, whips, lace and leather. But this time it is designed by super trashy Canadian duo DSQUARED, who, in their sketches, have re-imagined Brits as a twelve foot Amazon with insect-like limbs and a madly glaring, pin-sized head. It comes as no surprise that the main woman is being pitched as a sexy ringleader – this is, after all, the Circus tour. But what about these backing dancers, eh? All the fun of the fair via an subterranean BDSM sex club. Great. My favourite has to be the crotch-sellotape look. It’s fun, sexy and PERFECT for these troubling times – in what other epoch was it ok, nay, pretty cool, to walk out dressed in three pieces of black gaffa? Total cost of outfit: £2.99. Roll on, cheap summer chic.


There’s a girl who turns up occasionally to Trailer Trash (at London’s On the Rocks club every Friday) who rocks a similar look. She calls herself ‘Slutjaws’, and, when I met her, wore two bits of tape on each nipple and a huge penis-shaped necklace. Heart-stoppingly ridiculous. You may have seen her in Super Super.

[images via Karla Otto Press]


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bstore and Tim Soar showed together today at the BFC tent at the Natural History museum. bstore looked a little bit out of place on a runway, but the clothes seemed like nice wearable basics. If a bit unremarkable.

Naturally, the shoes were the best bit, with suede boots cashing in on the whole Dr. Marten revival that’s going on right now, but taking it away from all those dreadful sceney grunge girls to a much more sophisticated place. Grey-blue suede gets a thumbs up:


While we’re on shoes, look at these beauties from Tim Soar. If only every pair of oxfords from Russell and Bromley had an optional extra of chrome spurs(!)


Another unlikely favourite: the wobbly, jelly-like rubber jacket, with straight-cut hemlines. Has to be seen in motion to be believed.

Finally: here’s a pic of the walkout at the end of the Carolyn Massey show. I couldn’t see much here, but I was quite tickled by the (literally) ropey epaulets and scarves, and who can deny a woman her PVC cape/pillbox hat combos. Anyone?


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Look what just dropped on to the doormat! Following a fantastic, completely mad show for AW 09 in Paris, Number (N)ine designer Takahiro Miyashita has decided to call it a day. So that’s one less thing to look forward to next season. Full press release below.

February 20, 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this.

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

NUMBER (N)INE is the fashion brand started 12 years ago ina back alley in Tokyo. Over the last decade, NUMBER (N)INE evolved, always forging ahead with a unique and potent vision, to emerge as one of the leading brands of Japan. It was this same progressive philosophy – of ever moving forward – that prompted NUMBER (N)INE to go from the Tokyo to the Paris collections.

And now, at the height of its success, NUMBER (N)INE is taking its final bow. On February 20, 2009, NUMBER (N)INE will begin to disband. Designer Takahiro Miyashitas will secede from the group, and the brand as we know it will come to an end. On January 22, NUMBER (N)INE performed its last show, “A Closed Feeling,” the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, which will be produced for all its longtime fans, from innovators to collectors. Though this is the closing act, we hope that the tracks of NUMBER (N)INE will continue to resonate in the minds and memories of all.

We don’t know yet what the future will hold, but keep looking and Takahiro Miyashita will surely appear somewhere.

Thank you to all for your support and patronage.

Representative director,

Alexander Supertramp


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William Tempest’s show closed proceedings at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout stage yesterday. For AW 09 he’s gone for a tudor vibe, with garish, silly prints of Henry VIII (cf. Sinha Stanic’s pearly kings and queens) and some lovely folds and pleats that are meant to reference 15th and 16th century architecture. Ok William, pat on the back.

For those who tire of extraneous historical references, there was plenty here that was just plain fun. The splattered and marbled prints were like last seasons Jil Sander menswear twisted into some super-glamorous silhouettes. We got slinky little twin sets with stiff gills on the hips as well as some fancy ball dresses and trench-coats in what looked like printed cotton. Special mention goes to the hair – I heard someone gushing outside about how they’d found ‘the perfect ponytail’. I sniggered but to be honest they weren’t far off in their praise. Cute moment: pint-sized Mr. Tempest being given a little hug by the towering, amazonian model that wore the last look. Oh, and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, or, ‘Harry Potter Girl’ as one photographer called her) was there in the front row, so don’t worry, some more freebies will probably be heading her way.